Week 11 - Talking Tiebreakers and Conference Title Bids

Alright here we go. I'm going to start another weekly thing that I'll *attempt* to get out in reasonable time after each weekend (but is lower priority than my rankings) and in this one I'll cover tiebreaker scenarios and conference title bids. With 3 weeks remaining of the conference season we're starting to get some clear scenarios/pictures of who can make it to Vegas and it doesn't require a conspiracy board to figure out. I'm not going to cover 100% of the scenarios but feel free to chime in with questions in the comments and I'll do my best to track some things down.


These teams all have 5 conference losses. It's now impossible for them to force any tie scenario that could land the min the conference championship game.

  • Stanford - 2-5 conference, 3-6 overall
  • Colorado - 1-5 conference, 4-5 overall
  • California - 1-5 conference, 3-6 overall
  • Arizona State - 1-5 conference, 2-7 overall
  • Washington State (LMFAO) - 1-5 conference, 4-5 overall


Nobody. Only one team is even close to this and it still requires some help around the conference.

In Contention:

I'm going to do the easy scenarios here because there are still way too many tie scenarios out there to get into the outcome if a bunch of teams finish with 2 conference losses. Suffice to say the head to heads get thrown out in many of those cases because not all teams are connected so it's in UW's best interest to avoid losing twice. The magic number is 2. Win 2 and we're in.

  • Washington - Needs any 2 wins. OR a win over Utah plus ANY 1 loss by Oregon State.
  • O****n - Needs to defeat both Oregon State and USC
  • USC - Needs to win out AND needs 1 more loss by Utah
  • Arizona - Needs to win out AND needs Oregon State to beat O****n
  • Oregon State - Needs to win out AND not have Arizona in a tie breaking scenario (again, a lot of these teams still have a chance if they are in these scenarios but head to head gets broken)
  • Utah - Needs to win out AND not be in a tie with only O****n and/or Oregon State
  • UCLA - Needs to win out, needs UW to win out, and needs a ton of upsets and some really lucky breaks in tiebreaking scenarios. Basically they need to be in some kind of tiebreak that includes O****n and be in a world where O****n lost to USC.