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All We Hear is Purple: Nononononononononoyes

~Your inner Saturday monologue

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome, dear ear-having people. Today Gabey returned from back east and rejoined Andrew, where the two of them discussed:

  • STOP LEAPING OVER THE LINE and other things that there’s no reason to do
  • No, seriously, this team could go from “awesome” to “genuinely elite” with greater attention to detail in just a few places
  • The Ballsiest Play of All Time
  • Stakes vs risk (ft. Alex Honnold)
  • “No coaches are perfect” and you will have something to complain about — rightfully and otherwise — no matter what. For proof, see Message Board Geniuses.
  • Athletes aren’t your play things, and if you treat them like they are then you’re an awful person full stop
  • Penix, receivers, good, bad, etc.
  • Projectability and the Oregon rematch
  • Again, attention to detail or lack thereof and how that exacerbates Washington’s issues against Oregon’s strengths, which in turn compound to work against Washington’s offensive philosophy
  • The greater your season is, the more unbearable each week becomes
  • All in all: What a way for the Pac-12 to go out.

Anyways, here’s your episode. Enjoy!

Lastly, in the plugs we (read: Gabey, obviously) mention a handful of comedians you should be following if you’re in LA (these two), Detroit (her), Portland (him), Atlanta (this guy), and Calgary (funny punk golden retriever). Forgot to mention ‘em, but we’ll add this guy if you’re in Denver/New Orleans, another New Orleans-ian by way of Madison, Austin, and Chicago, and these two delightful newly-minted New Yorkers by way of Miami/Pittsburgh/Seattle/Raleigh.

So if you’re reading this from any of those places, no excuses to not already know them when they get famous.