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WBB Pac-12 Dawg Pound Rankings 2

Some change in the middle, but darn this conference is still on fire.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 06 Hall of Fame Series Women’s - Colorado vs LSU Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

12). Arizona State (4-2) [NO CHANGE]

Best win: UTSA (70-55) | Worst loss: GSU LA

Yikes. The bottom of these power rankings remains stagnant without change and it’s not even close. The Sun Devils’ other loss is to Texas currently ranked #12 and if this were there only loss, they would have moved up one. Their shooting remains abysmal and there isn’t too terribly much to excited for here.

11). Arizona (6-1) [NO CHANGE]

Best win: New Mexico State (68-57) | Worst loss: #24 Ole Miss

Arizona unsurprisingly picked up a loss to ranked Ole Miss, but other than that it isn’t like they were going to make it out of non-conference unscathed. Through seven games they’ve only made 27 three pointers which is good enough for about 4 per game. They did this on an astonishing 121 shots taken. Even if that appears to be a lot of shots from behind the arc taken, they’ve actually committed even more turnovers at 134. In fact, with 164 made 2PT FGs their turnovers are inching eerily close to 2PT shots made per game.

10). Oregon (4-1) [-2]

Best win: N Arizona (81-48) | Worst loss: Santa Clara

Tis the season to be jolly and of course any list with Oregon in the bottom 25% of something is enough to be so. It’s remarkable the Ducks are so far performing this way, but the numbers don’t help support this performance thus far. They’re 28-91 on 3PTs through five games and are grabbing more rebounds than Arizona at 232 on the season (through two less games). Unfortunately, with the strength of the Pac, they’ve got to be knocked back as the last team with non quality loss.

9). California (6-0) [+1]

Best win: Auburn 67-53 | No Losses

Here we go. Number nine in the conference is undefeated. Yup, that’s how good the Pac-12 still is at they sit at the top of the conferences. Cal did beat Auburn to avenge their football team, and at the time of writing this piece, they are taking it to San Jose St.

8). Oregon State (4-0) [+1]

Best win: Villanova (63-56) | No Losses

Oregon St, the slightly better of the Oregon schools to root for, beat Villanova giving them a somewhat quality win. Statistically, the Beavers are over performing for an eight-out-of-twelve ranked team, with 30-79 3PTs on 4 games played. Their TOs are sitting at an efficient 12 per game, but they could still stand to get that average down. For added context, through the first five games, Cal grabbed 200 rebounds, and Oregon State hit 196 through four.

7). Washington (4-0) [-1]

Best win: UNC Central (113-39) | No Losses

It was extremely hard to keep Washington behind Utah and they have a case for jumping ahead of the Red mountainous team. Their offense is easily top three in the conference hitting over nine three pointers a game and shooting 50% on all FGs even as their Seattle U game saw them hit a 43.8% to bring that average temporarily down. Langley has the defense firing as well as this was always her philosophy and Freshman Salvia Sellers is getting starter reps with Freshman Ari Long a top four team scorer without starting.

6). Utah (4-1) [-1]

Best win: SC State (108-48) | Worst loss: #14 Baylor

Utah gets to stay above Washington because their loss only came to a top fifteen Baylor team. In all of their other games (4), Utah scored over 100 points and was able to keep their offense rolling, which by some metrics is outperforming the Huskies.

5). Washington State (6-0) [+2]

Best win: Maryland (87-67) | No Losses

Washington State jumps ahead two spots because although Maryland is underperforming thus far, they do have history and our a quality program. It will be maintained at the Dawg Pound that the Huskers are better, but the resume must mean something in college sports and right now, the Cougars get to be rewarded. To jump them, the Huskies get an early December matchup followed up with Louisville after. UW has the right path to claim their spot, but for right now WSU is ahead in the state.

4). UCLA (4-0) [NO CHANGE]

Best win: Purdue (92-49) | No Losses

UCLA is weird because they are the top ranked Pac-12 team in the AP poll, however, the Bruins don’t have a resume that compares to the other three teams here. They have made one more 3PT shot than Washington through the same amount of games, and are 137-265 on FGs which means practically 50% there as well. They have a better quality win however that can serve as tie breaker, but watch the turnovers. They’ve got over 13 per game and this can come back to haunt them if they don’t get it down.

3). Stanford (4-0) [NO CHANGE]

Best win: #21 Indiana (96-64) | No Losses

Stanford is the bane of Washington women’s sports, eh? Quietly, in many of these sports including volleyball they put away opponents with an efficiency that is spectacular and they do get the ranked win over Indiana.

2). USC (4-0) [NO CHANGE]

Best win: #15 Ohio State (83-74), resume includes Penn State (71-70)

Meh. Okay, very well, let’s talk about USC again, this time in Women’s sports. Statistically, using Washington as the comparison, the Trojans are 139-291 which is enough under 50% that it is safe to say that thus far, they are behind. Their 3PTs are less than the Huskies and they are going 65-102 on FTs which isn’t that startling when seeing how teams shoot at this level. With a stunning 14+ turnovers a game, this team will have to get it down if they’d like for their resume to stop bailing them out so often.

1). Colorado (5-0) [NO CHANGE]

Best win: #7 LSU (92-78), resume includes Oklahoma State (86-75)

Colorado can easily sit atop these power rankings for a while with their resume, but UCLA plays UCONN shortly so we will see what comes of it. The Buffaloes will host #10 NC State on Saturday, November 25th to be their last ranked matchup before conference play kicks off. Statistically, they're going bonkers from FGs with 165-321 made but their 3PTs average about 7 per game. Turnover wise they are at a 14 game that should be limited before their first conference game which is Utah.