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A Stuff and Shenanigans Thanksgiving Special: Stuff-ing and Shen-(Oh) MAN (I sure am thankful for my Huskies)-agans

Happy day friends (and enemies even).

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NCAA Football: Washington at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hi, it’s you.

Welcome to Thanksgiving. Here are the things I’m thankful for:

  • Not writing an intro
  • The fact that there have been, if I recall correctly, three different managing editors in the almost eight years I’ve been here and not one of them has made me write a pointless intro that wastes all our time
  • Michael Penix’s left arm
  • The people on Twitter who chipped in with their two cents to let me know that Feile was the place to go in New York for Husky games
  • Rome Odunze’s mid-air body control
  • Rome Odunze’s mid-route adjustments
  • Michael Penix’s brain
  • The house down the block from where I live with the sexy gold UW flag out front that led to my roommate (Canadian, non-UW fan) to make up a now canon-in-our-house Washington fight song slash dance slash silly walk these are official
  • Sweet potato pie
  • Grady Gross you beautiful beast
  • Michael Penix’s core health
  • Roger Rosengarten being a giant adorable baller-ass muppet who pwns n00bs
  • The Barbie movie line “I don’t control railways or the flow of commerce”
  • Ja’Lynn Polk absurdly being WR3 somehow when he would be WR1 on like 97% of FBS teams
  • The 25 pound bag of dried beans that my sister got me for my birthday
  • Jabbar Muhammad
  • Spelling Jabbar Muhammad’s last name right on the first try because there’s so many variations on the spelling of Muhammad transliterated to the Latin alphabet and I can never remember which one different people have
  • Cats
  • Just everyone who’s been on the offensive line the last two seasons to protect Mike after four years of him being sent out to get killed every week at Indiana
  • This maybe?
  • Our lord and savior UW Animal
  • That moment UW Animal drops a video and your heart does a few flips and you’re like “Is this what love feels like?”
  • Richard Newton, who stuck through everything:

  • The fact that we live in a place where this is like the fourth prettiest pass, barely:

  • An NIL program that so far has helped keep dudes in school to play for one more year, extend their careers, and get drafted higher
  • This photoshoot and photoshop
  • The ghost of Trent McDuffie
  • Jake Browning’s first career NFL touchdown pass
  • Hopefully getting Jalen McMillan healthy
  • The law offices of Trice and Tupuola-Fetui, JD
  • How much fun ZTF has when he’s playing and how contagious that is
  • People who don’t flip out and become assholes towards everyone around them whenever something goes against their team
  • Gardetto’s Special Request All Garlic Rye Chips
  • My optometrist, who is absolutely reading this right now (hi Paul!)
  • Kalen DeBoer’s offense
  • My friend’s friend who was willing to sit in the back of the hallway for the last one minute thirty five seconds of the Washington Oregon game because every time she went back there something good happened
  • Mike Penix’s innate ability to “f*ck it, we ride”-ify even the bleakest scenarios
  • The sick bombs and stache of ginger ninja Jagger Firkus
  • People who will read the above bullet point and forgive me for foisting a dude from not only a different team but a totally different sport into a list of things I’m thankful for which you would reasonably assume would all be Husky-related
  • Every studio executive who turned down an unnecessary origin story-ass prequel (which at this point might actually be zero people)
  • Carson Bruener special teams hits where you watch a person’s soul leave their body
  • The first Mariah Carey of the season
  • *cough* The concept of fundamentally good tackling
  • Australian punters
  • Stuffing, which is better than turkey
  • Stuffing the run— ya know what, I don’t want to talk about it
  • Oregon State running it 19 straight times
  • The long-tenured Tonight Show writer-producer who recently gave me the self-esteem boost that I actually don’t suck and also should be making more money
  • The Myles Gaskin snow bowl Apple Cup run to seal it
  • The fact that anyone would still be reading this?
  • Scheinhardt Wig Company: Not Poisoning Rivers Since 1997
  • JaMarcus Shephard
  • Anyone who comes to this show on January 10th at The Crocodile’s Here After

I’m open to other suggestions for things to be thankful for. Until then, happy Thanksgiving and

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.