Week 13 - Talking Tiebreakers and Conference Title Bids

In 2022 you still needed a PhD in Astrofootballics to figure out what the tiebreaker scenarios were in the final week of conference play. This year things got really simple really quick.


  1. Arizona State
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Oregon State
  5. Stanford
  6. UCLA
  7. USC
  8. Utah
  9. Washington State


  1. Washington (1-seed)

In Contention:

  1. Arizona
  2. O****n


  1. Arizona defeats Arizona State AND Oregon State defeats O****n - Arizona clinches 2nd spot in Pac-12 CCG
  2. Arizona defeats Arizona State AND O****n defeats Oregon State - O****n clinches 2nd spot in Pac-12 CCG
  3. Arizona State defeats Arizona - O****n clinches 2nd spot in Pac-12 CCG
I've seen our fanbase be pretty split on how they want this to play out. I'd personally rather see Oregon State destroy the D**ks in their own stadium and push Lanning to 0-4 against rivals. Especially after he made the comment that "the OSU game is their Super Bowl". But I acknowledge that there are a lot of you out there that feel the opposite and want a second win over the D**ks in the same season. I don't want them to have the opportunity to walk away from this year with something to hold over us. I'd much rather OSU take care of business and put them to bed. It also would extend the narrative that O****n has 0 wins over currently ranked teams which would just be a hilarious way to end the season for them. And then the additional benefit is that it would make our 22-20 game against OSU and our (potential) 9-0 Pac-12 run look that much better. Finally, I think Arizona will be a slightly easier draw in the title game and while I am by no means certain of a Washington win I do think this team deserves to catch a damn break at some point.

The last thing I want our season to end on is a loss to O****n in which they kept us out of the playoffs. I'd much rather they never get the chance and they spend all of December/January watching us win a national championship while crying about how a 3 point loss is really a win because their coach made bad decisions and it was a road game (for those of you not watching Twitter, this is exactly what they've been saying for 2 months now).