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All We Hear Is Purple: Wasted Utes

Dawgs beat Utah to get to 10-0. We go in depth on how we got here

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of All We Hear is Purple!

It’s a triumphant week with another heart-pounding win over Utah to bring the Dawgs to 10-0. Andrew and Coach B are joined by AWHIP first-timer Mark Schafer to break down how Washington took down the Utes. The game had some wild swings, whipping winds, and a couple of the strangest plays you will ever see. In the end, the defense surged and Michael Penix put up crazy numbers to remain undefeated. The panel breaks down how we got there.

Then, Andrew, Coach, and Mark look ahead to Oregon State. The Beavers can run the ball, but they do it differently than some of the teams UW has seen. Coach previews what the Dawgs can do to slow them down. The group also looks at what is next in store for Washington, including a possible rematch with the Ducks.

This week’s recommendations: The Storyteller by Dave Grohl and Going Infinite by Michael Lewis.

Give it a listen:

Go Dawgs!