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WBB Pac-12 DP Rankings

Here are the first ever Dawg Pound rankings for Women’s basketball

NCAA Womens Basketball: Colorado at Louisiana State Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

CALL FOR QUESTIONS: Leave your WB question below in the comment section we will be happy to answer it in Thursday's mailbag.

These rankings were updated Tuesday, November 14, 2023. This rankings weight resume as most important, followed by common opponents and how they fare.

12). Arizona State (3-0)

Best win: UTSA (70-55) | No Losses

It's not exactly pretty the way the Arizona schools are winning games right now. Arizona State is pulling it off in the ugliest fashion giving up an average of 62 points per game to schools such as UTSA and Montana State. 18-59, 30.5, through three games from the three point boundary is not nearly good enough when the competition improves from San Francisco.

11). Arizona (3-0)

Best win: New Mexico State (68-57) | No Losses

Arizona isn't that much better and it's great that the Pac-12 can grab these wins now. They're scoring defense appears better but their shooting is even worse going 14-61, 22.9%, from three.

10). California (3-0)

Best win: Cal Poly (74-60) | No Losses

Here comes a weird stretch of five Pac-12 North schools that would probably be classified higher if it weren't for the out of this world strength in the South. Cal ends up on the bottom of these teams with a less than convincing similar PPG given up but a wider margin. If they want make a run in the Pac then getting their turnovers down which is north of 13 per game is crucial.

9). Oregon State (2-0)

Best win: Villanova (63-56) | No Losses

The Beavers' singular claim to fame that prevents them from being lower is a slightly better turnover rate. Of course, it helps the their resume includes Villanova but this team does seem to like taking shots. This is weird as their PPG is up so perhaps this is indicative of efficient shooting.

8). Oregon (2-0)

Best win: N Arizona (81-48) | No Losses

It's weird to see Oregon rated this low in any sort of sport but it's the Ducks. They will likely fix themselves as the season goes on. December is big for resume purposes with Baylor on the docket and Oklahoma State.

7). Washington State (3-0)

Best win: Gonzaga (77-72) | No Losses

Washington State will play MD soon so we will no in time what this team is made of. There isnt anything overly remarkable about the Cougars and Gonzaga gives them a resume boost.

6). Washington (2-0)

Best win: UNC Central (113-39) | No Losses

Let's be fair. This is probably the spot most of you guys skipped to. The team commands the best point differential through two games, indicative of stellar offense and defense. To be fair none of the teams below them have a better resume as well. The team has created a nice 23-54 three point shooting which is more accurate and more shots made than any team below them -- that's only through two games. They are also the first offense on this list to shoot over 50% on FG. It's clear they'll be winning the games like good teams do. But great teams stomp out the opponents. They'd be higher on this list of it weren't for the simple fact that every other team here is rated in the AP top ten.

5). Utah (2-0)

Best win: SC State (108-48) | No Losses

It largely comes down to resume for why Utah isn't higher. They've averaged at least 100 points a game but the competition in the Pac is just too great right now.

4). UCLA (3-0)

Best win: Purdue (92-49) | No Losses

UCLA is ranked the highest in the AP top 25, however, it's not good enough to be ranked highest here. They've averaged over 90 PPG so they are taking care of business, but until the matchup against UCONN, they don't have a claim to fame.

3). Stanford (2-0)

Best win: #9 Indiana (96-64) | No Losses

Stanford is quietly overtaking women's sports and it's been happening for some time. After not only beating Indiana, but doing so epically, they will take it easy with a non conference slate that features Duke and....that's about it for competition.

2). USC (3-0)

Best win: #7 Ohio State (83-74) | No Losses

USC brought the house down against Ohio State and will take it easy until their Penn State game. Their offense may be slowing them down soon as they shoot worse than 25% from three and are lacking in FG production.

1). Colorado (3-0)

Best win: #1 LSU (92-78), resume includes Oklahoma State (86-75)

What is there to say? To defeat LSU on their banner night is enough said. Colorado surged fifteen spots in the AP top 25 and is the only team to play two power five schools. LSU which returned most of their talent couldn't find an answer for the Buffaloes as the cruised to a fourteen point victory.