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Monday Dots: One Man Can Make a lot of Waves

UW hires its new Athletic Director; Homeless encampments emptied to make room for visiting Duck fans

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Washington Huskies mascot Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Happy Monday Dawg fans, and welcome to today’s Dots.

  • I feel some irony in hiring the AD that engineered Tulane’s historic win over USC in the Cotton Bowl. What with Jen Cohen making a lateral, in-conference move to USC.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 02 Goodyear Cotton Bowl Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  • In other news, the Oregon Ducks are coming to Montlake this Saturday. I just know there are a handful of Duck fans somewhere still saying “Yeah but they’ve never scored 70 on us when we’re wearing our real colors.”
  • LOL:

Also this weekend, the news came in confirming ESPN College Gameday will be on the UW campus for Oregon-Washington this Saturday, along with rumblings beginning last week that a wave of angry Cougs will descend on the College Gameday production at Red Square. If you’ve missed the broohaha this past week about the WSU/Gameday feud, get caught up here and here.

I’ve been asking myself since August 4th what the talking heads at ESPN are gonna do once they no longer have the Pac-12 to kick around. Well, we have our answer: they will continue to kick around what’s left of the Pac-12. They’ll milk every drop they can out of the ridiculous “Pac-12-sucks-and-isn’t-worthy-of-existing-let-alone-competing” narrative they’ve been pushing constantly for the past several years. Now... I believe that the party most responsible for the demise of the Pac-12 is the Pac-12 itself, but ESPN has played a huge part in poisoning the well of public perception.

And they got their wish. The Pac-12 is no more. But they just can’t let go of the buzz, the hot takes, and the malarkey they’ve come to peddle as a fundamental part of their brand. Judge me if you like, but I hope Red Square is full of football fans - regardless of the colors they wear - heckling the network shills manning the farce that Gameday has become. Come Saturday afternoon I’d like Gameday to pack up their production and leave town with egg on their face.

  • Softball outscored their opponents 27-1 across four games in the Husky Fall Classic, including a combined perfect game against University of British Columbia.

Go Dawgs, beat Oregon!!