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Friday Dots: Huskies see Big Ten schedule through 2028

Future schedules from a conference where the trains run on time lets you plan your getaway now

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77th Rose Bowl Game Photo by Stephen Wade/Allsport/Getty Images

Happy Friday Dawg fans, and welcome to today’s Dots.

  • The big news yesterday was the announcement of not only the 2024 schedule for UW Football - its first in the Big Ten - but the next five years worth of scheduling through 2028. This is great for many reasons, one being you can plan your away trip to Penn State (2024), Michigan (2025), Ohio State (2028), or even Nebraska (2026).
  • A couple of articles from The Athletic get detailed about the scheduling approach. “Each Big Ten member school will play every other conference opponent at least twice — once home and once away — over a five-year period, and each will play rotating opponents no more than three times in a five-year period... There will be no divisions, and the Big Ten Championship Game will include the top two teams in the overall conference standings.”
  • Seeing the schedules published yesterday makes the move to the Big Ten palpable and I am excited, but I can’t help feel something is missing with no WSU listed. However, Oregon-Washington is one of 12 “protected annual matchups” that the Big Ten will maintain. It seems a bit surreal when I check my go-to schedule site. It’s like, “Wow that’s a lot of non-conference games!” Ha!
  • Same source, shows next five years for all teams:
  • Get your free fanny pack at the volleyball game tonight as the Dawgs welcome Stanford:

Go Dawgs!!