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Monday Dots: Full Moon, Empty Stadium Watch Dawgs Top Stanford

Huskies do enough to avoid an upset on the Farm

Washington v Stanford
Devin Culp #83 of the Washington Huskies runs up field after catching a pass
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Happy Monday Dawg fans, and welcome to today’s Dots.

There are two ways to look at Saturday’s game, both valid: a) a win is a win; b) this team shouldn’t be in nail biters against such “lesser” competition. I’ve felt them both. You may have too. But ultimately if you told me before September we’d be heading down to LA with an 8-0 record, I’d very gladly accept with few questions asked.

In the last two games, the Huskies have endured poor play, mistakes, injuries, the flu (apparently), and still come out with wins. That’s what winning teams do. Are the Dawgs good enough to make the playoffs? Win the Pac-12? Time will tell. Right now I’m enjoying the ride, especially knowing that a lot of the players who make this team special will not be here in 2024.

From this point on every game should be a dog fight, wins are not expected, and any W’s collected will be fine with me even if the final score is 3-2. Just keep winning Dawgs.

  • They say those wide-open ones are the hardest to catch:

Go Dawgs!!