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All We Hear is Purple: Hierarchy of Cursed-ness

Thanks Meesh!

Arizona State v Washington Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to the annual post-ASU shortening of the lifespan for Washingtonians, wherein we realize that Arizona State is horrifically cursed. (The alternate title idea for this episode was “A Good Place to Die of Cirhossis,” although ironically that doesn’t have anything to do with last Saturday despite tying in suspiciously well.)

Congratulations to all of us for making it through last Saturday, which was in itself a feat.

Today Andrew and Gabey discussed:

  • ASU is cursed and will forever be
  • Cursed-ness levels of ASU, Arizona, Cal, and Stanford
  • Michael Penix’ health and some fun #biomechanics appreciation
  • Defense? Defense.
  • Stanford? Stanford.
  • Specifically, why even the bad Stanford teams are liable to beat a couple good teams every year
  • Do any of you live in Louisiana, eastern Texas, or southern Mississippi? No? Well if even one of you answered yes then do we have the event for you!