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Recruiting Roundup: Several Husky Commits Rise In Latest 247sports Rankings Updates

Recruiting Roundup: Taking A Look At Husky Commits Who Rose In The Rankings

Arizona State v Washington Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Happy Sunday Husky fans. After a nail biter yesterday I hope everyone is hanging in and was able to get some sleep last night. After a big recruiting weekend for the Oregon game the Huskies did host some visitors this weekend (but it was more in 2025 and 2026 classes). Today I wanted to provide an update on some commits who have seen their stock rise in the latest 247sports rankings:

The biggest riser of the Husky commits is Noah Carter from Centennial HS, AZ who saw his ranking jump into the top 100 nationally and 8th best edge in the country. Carter, who is listed at 6’3” and around 225 pounds has been a menace off the edge and playing wide receiver for his team. Carter, may need a year to acclimate to playing college football, but he should be able to contribute early and often for the Dawgs in the years to come.

3 star safety commits Joshua Lair from Fort Bend Marshall HS, TX and Payton Waters from Birmingham HS, CA both saw their rankings jump with both being guys who are on the cusp of 4 star players. Lair is now ranked as the 42nd best safety in the country, and Waters is now ranked as the 40th best safety. Lair is more of the hard hitting player the Huskies would love to see on the back end, and Waters is more of a free safety type that should be able to cover a lot of ground on the back end of our defense.

3 star tight end Decker DeGraaf from Glendora HS, CA has had a really excellent season so far (last year he was limited to only a handful of games due to transfer rules). Now rated as the 28th best tight end in the country, DeGraaf has shown that he is a receiving weapon that the Husky staff are probably salivating at seeing in their offense.

So far the 14 commits in the country have a composite ranking of 88.46 which is the 25th best composite score in the country (since the class is small the composite score is probably a better indicator of the class quality). For context, 88-89 is a high three star prospect, anything at 90 would be 4 a 4 star average. I would anticipate that the Husky staff brings in a few more players in the 2024 class that should help bolster the composite score (if they can land 4 star defensive lineman Jericho Johnson and 4 star running back Jason Brown, both players are obviously high 4 star commits and the compositive would likely jump the composite close to 90).

That is all for today and as always follow me @asieverkropp.