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Dots: Michael Penix: “Arizona, ain’t no way that yr gonna...”

“..use the desert jinx to stop us, no way.”

NCAA Football: Washington at Arizona Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

Keep on a-rockin’ me baby, and welcome to today’s Dots.

The desert jinx was defeated in Tucson again Saturday night, and laid to rest like a mummy spelled back to sleep as the sun sets forever on the Pac-12 epoch. The mummy will sleep beneath the desert sands until it is summoned by some future out-of-conference matchup against Zona or ASU, or (God forbid) a future desert-venue bowl game against Zona or ASU. But until that day, and that day may never come, the jinx will sleep and UW football is free of the desert dread.

Amen..... hotep

I was at a birthday party on Saturday and didn’t catch up with the game until I jumped in my car and listened to the radio all the way to Tacoma. At that point Arizona’s first touchdown drive was in motion and from then on UW was outscored 24-17, Arizona’s offense looked pretty good against the Husky defense, and the Dawgs had a ton of penalties. But games are not just 3 quarters and UW did enough to overcome Arizona and their own self-inflicted wounds to leave the damned desert with their first conference road win and a 5-0 record.

My skewed view of the game belied the fact that Michael Penix, Jr had another great game despite zero TDs, Dillon Johnson ran the ball well, and in Jalen McMillan’s absence Germie Bernard stepped up for 8 catches for 98 yards and a rushing TD.

  • I think this needs to improve when Oregon comes to Husky Stadium:

Steve Miller wrote more than just those 4 songs you hear all the time.

Go Dawgs!!