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All We Hear is Purple: Oregon Trails

You have died of dysentery.

Oregon v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Hello, hi, what’s up, and welcome to episode somethingth of All We Hear is Purple. Today Gabey’s back from her multi-week hiatus/running away from recording duties, unfortunately for you all who’d gotten used to Coach B or Aaron joining.

This week Andrew and she went over Oregon — duh — and such topics as:

  • The “it’s so over” to “holy crud we’re so back” pipeline in both of the last two Oregon games
  • Offensive line shenanigans
  • Some defense thoughts, angles, etc.
  • Dillon Johnson? Thoughts?
  • Never not being running off adrenaline from now until forever
  • Arizona State being cursed even if they are poop this year
  • Other stuff, surely