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Audra Wilmes against Stanford on October 6, 2023 in the third set
Jeff Scott Shaw
  • The real deal - I must formally apologize for missing other big Husky news this past weekend. Running a high-grade fever for four days straight meant tragically missing one tremendous truth. Kierstyn Barton is the real deal. Earlier this year, in September, she became the first Freshman Husky to notch 25 kills in a match since recent HOF Inductee Krista Vansant (2011-2014). After the team split the northern California series, she was awarded her first Pac-12 Freshman of the Week award — and all of this was before what happened against Colorado. Creating an unstoppable attack boasting a hit percentage of .500 and 17 kills, she easily won her second consecutive Freshman of the Week. The doozey of a spectacle Utah provided slowed down her hit percentage to .182 and raised her errors to 9 all while commanding another 17 kills. For some perspective, the weekend that won her the first Freshman of the Week only saw her achieve 15 kills against Stanford and 7 against Cal.
  • Stepping up - If Barton was the story against Colorado, the victory against Utah belonged to Sophomore Audra Wilmes who in the wake of May Pertovsky’s brief injury was forced to step up. With 11 kills against Colorado, she somehow more than doubled this effort against Utah with 24 kills and a hitting percentage of .404. Her previous high in a match was 16 kills. Here is a look at the 24th kill.
  • A slow burn - Utah was an opponent who on paper looked only slightly better than Colorado but they pulled Washington into a match that felt like watching a new Marvel movie. Lasting almost three hours, the Huskies pulled away from the grind with a near-loss, barely-victory and can now celebrate being the architects of three straight wins and winners of four of the last five (with number three Stanford the only loss).
Madi Endsley against Stanford in set 4
Jeff Scott Shaw
  • Remember Nebraska? Try Iowa - The conference the Huskies are going to looks ever more difficult and competitive as a month after Nebraska fields 92,000 in their football stadium for a volleyball match, Iowa has now set the record for women’s basketball attendance with over 55,000 spectators in their own football stadium. And all that for exhibition match almost a month before the season actually starts. The Huskies have to be clicking at the right time when it comes to the B1G because now the bar has been raised. Here’s a look at the team continuing the football tradition of waving to the kids in the Children’s hospital.
  • The Thomas Zimmer championship featured 10 Husky women including Sophie O’Sullivan, the holder of a multitude of Husky and Irish national records, on October 13th. Her best finish came in the 2000m of 6k championship wing when she finished 11th proving that she is a better sprinter than long distance, but remarkable nonetheless. Overall the Huskies finished 13th ahead of nationals which provides nothing short of a spark heading into track & Field season.