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Monday Dots: Huskies Take Huge Win Over Ducks on Montlake

Dawgs House was full to the brim, and good to the last drop miss

Oregon v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Happy Monday Dawg fans, and welcome to today’s Dots.

The Washington Huskies notched a historic win against their most bitter rivals this weekend, enduring a pulsing, back-and-forth contest and coming away with a 36-33 win at home over the Oregon Ducks. And what a home it was. I’ve been going to games since the mid-80’s and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Husky Stadium as loud, as passionate, and as majestic as was on display for the whole country to see on Saturday. It was a thing of beauty in every which way.

The joy that accompanies such a massive win is a good reminder that What Is Best In Life is not the open steppe, nor the wind in your hair...

There is one thing that is Best in Life: Crushing Your Enemies.

Go Dawgs!!