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Tuesday Dots: Healthy Huskies

Injured Huskies returning to the field, more about new AD Troy Dannen, and UW - Oregon advanced stats.

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Boise State v Washington Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Football Dots

  • EDIT: that was not actually the introductory press conference with new AD Troy Dannen, but rather a brief interview once he was hired. The introductory press conferenece is TODAY at noon:

  • He’s no Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, but MPJ is getting it done both on the field and in the classroom office.

  • This is sure not to rile anybody up:

  • College coaches have been pushing the concept of the “middle 8” for a few years now and it’s gaining significant momentum. Both UW and Oregon rate well here:

  • Going with a classic for Saturday: