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Recruiting Roundup: Taking A Look At The In-State 2024 Recruiting Board

Recruiting Roundup: Taking A Look At The In-State 2024 Recruiting Board

NCAA Football: Portland St. at Washington Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday Husky fans. The Husky coaches have the team playing well on the field. The coaches are also keeping their eye on recruits trying to finalize their 2023 class and get a jump start on the 2024 class. So far there have been no commits in the 2024 class but there have been 82 offers in the 2024 class. Among those offers the Huskies have offered 10 in-state recruits in what looks like a strong class in-state. Here is a look at the some in-state recruits that the Huskies are after.

The headliner in-state is 4 star running back Jason Brown from O’Dea HS, WA. The Huskies are among the favorite for the 3rd best running back in the country. Brown is an explosive running back that can also catch the ball (he would be a perfect fit for the Husky offense). Right now Brown is looking at Alabama, Boise State, Texas, Georgia, and UW. If UW can continue to show off an explosive offense I think the Husky coaches could reel him in.

4 star tight end Hogan Hansen from Bellevue HS, WA has also been offered by UW and is seriously considering them. Rated as the 7th best tight end. Hansen is an excellent receiving tight end and he utilizes his size very well when targeted to extend his catch radius. So far Hansen holds 15 offers but among those offers he is looking the most at Stanford and UW.

4 star linebacker Brayden Platt from Yelm HS, WA is another in-state player that the Huskies would love to add. Rated as the 5th best linebacker in the country, Platt holds offers from most of the pac 12 as well as some national schools. Platt has good size for the position (he’s listed at 6’1” and around 220 pounds). Right now Platt is considering all of his options and it sounds like some SEC piqued his interest quite a bit.

4 star defensive back Rahshawn Clark from Federal Way HS, WA is another 4 star prospect from in-state. Rated as the 94th best prospect and 16th best athlete (by 247sports), Clark has the ability to play multiple positions in college. The Huskies are battling Oregon primarily for his commitment and if the Huskies can continue to excel on the field they should have the inside track to land him.

4 star safety Marquawn McCraney from Highline HS, WA is another in-state recruit that the Husky staff is heavily after. Rated as the 12th best safety in the country, McCraney holds offers from USC, Utah, Arizona, and Cal. The Huskies have the inside track to land McCraney (whose high school coach played at UW-running back Deontae Cooper).

There are several other in-state players who the Huskies are after. 4 star offensive lineman Isendre Ahfua from O’Dea is the 2nd highest ranked in-state recruit. The Huskies are after him and would love to add him but right now it looks like he would like to head out of state (likely to the SEC). 3 star wide receiver Malachi Durant from Puyallup HS, WA is another player the Huskies would love to add (he’s a bigger wideout, that the Huskies are battling Oregon for his commitment). 3 star offensive tackle Fox Crader from Evergreen HS, WA is another in-state recruit that holds a Husky offer and is a name to keep an eye out for. 3 star cornerback Kyan McDonald from O’Dea HS, WA also holds a Husky offer and it sounds like he is set to check out UW next weekend when they host the Spartans. Lastly, 3 star running back Unterrio Latin-Henley from Washington HS, WA has also been offered by UW (it sounds like he’s being recruited at wideout as well). Overall there is a ton of talent in-state and I would expect that the 2024 class will consist of a handful of in-state recruits.

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