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Dots: Conroy & Associates

Men’s Basketball Assistant Will Conroy picks up a promotion while the B1G announces their new media rights deal

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at Washington Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Football Dots

  • That Oregon game is going to hit a little harder for Junior Alexander.
  • However it seems like the B1G heard enough to feel confident that they can move forward with UCLA as they announced their new media rights deal this morning. $7 billion over the next 7 years with ESPN completely cut out of the deal as previously reported. That time frame means they will still be up for another round before any of the other conferences. If you’re looking for the chance UW/Oregon/Stanford move to the B1G, having a media deal that ends in 2029-30 certainly suggests that by 2028 there’s a good chance they expand again going into that negotiation.

Basketball Dots

  • Assistant head coach Will Conroy picked up a promotion as he was named associate head coach as well. If things were going better for the program this would be viewed as a sign that Conroy was the potential coach-in-waiting. That could be true but if Mike Hopkins were to be fired after this year could UW justify hiring an assistant who was on staff for the previous 2 head guys getting axed?
  • Percy Allen takes a look at the Husky men’s basketball schedule now that all of the opponents have been finalized.
  • Kelsey Plum, good at basketball
  • Cole Bajema and Langston Wilson have been teammates at the Crawsover this summer and both played very well last weekend and have posted some highlights.

Washington Athletics Dots