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Wednesday Dots: The Medium is the Message

Pac-12 and ESPN might need each other more than they want each other

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NCAA Football: Montana at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Butterflies and zebras

And moonbeams

And-a, fairytales

That’s all she ever thinks about

Riding with the Dots

  • ESPN is out of the bidding for Big 10 media rights, ending a long-term relationship between the conference and the network that carried many of its top games. Jon Wilner looks at the potential implications for the network, and, by extension the Pac-12. Like unpopular kids at a middle school dance, they might be the only options left for one another when the music starts, but both parties could potentially gain from embracing the relationship.

  • We saw flashes of Rome Odunze as a game-breaker last year, even in an offense that did precious little to enable the passing game to excel. Hence, it should come as no surprise that Odunze has been a camp standout this fall. Mike Vorel describes the play-maker’s impact across the first week and burgeoning connection with Michael Penix, Jr.

  • Christian Caple focused his practice piece on the other side of the ball. Specifically, The Athletic writer tracks the progress of ZTF back to full strength. Initially, the news that ZTF was running with the second unit behind Bralen Trice and Jeremiah Martin came as a shock since ZTF might be the best player on the entire team. Upon further consideration, working him in slowly and playing to his strengths as a pass rusher might be just what is needed to get him in prime condition for week one.

  • The Dawgs have been a fixture on Bruce Feldman’s annual Freak List in recent years due to the unfathomable physical exploits of Kyler Gordon. Even with Gordon gone to the NFL, UW made the list with speedy, twitchy LB Cam Bright. But don’t bother with the full list; skip ahead to #40, Harvard’s DT Thor Griffith.