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Pac-12 Media Day- Open Thread and Updates

Kliavkoff sounds off

Washington State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Like a jealous ex-lover, the Pac-12 has descended on the home of those who have spurned it. While USC and UCLA are technically still in the conference for now, the conference’s annual media day in Los Angeles has a foreboding air about it. We will be updating developments through the day, so check back for news as it hits.

12:30: Moer Deboer

10:54: A Tangential Update

10:07: Dawgs on the Mic

Jaxson Kirkland and Alex Cook joined Kalen Deboer as UW’s representatives at media day. Deboer clearly chose to take the high road on conference realignment and the palace intrigue around college football. He expressed some surprise at USC and UCLA’s defection, but didn’t indulge in any name calling or complaints.

The players also appeared to have fun, complimenting Ryan Grubb and talking about the return of the NCAA Football video game.

8:35 AM: Pac-12 Media Day Opens with a Bang

Whoever laid out the format for media day did not save the biggest news for last. Conference Commissioner George Kliavkoff opened the ceremonies with his first public address since the news that USC and UCLA would leave the Pac-12 for the Big 10. Kliavkoff expressed disappointment with those schools and lamented that revenue generation has seemingly overtaken all other considerations in college sports. At the same time, he expressed optimism about a future Pac media rights deal, the ability of the remaining programs to recruit in all sports, and the prospect of expansion.