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All We Hear is Purple: Big Fish

Join Andrew and Coach B as they talk recent 2023 commits and everyone’s new favorite topic: conference realignment

PNFISH 03/C/30AUG98/PF/CG --- Duncan MacLean, captain of the Barbara Faye, lands the first catch of the day. Within half an hour, he and his crew caught four salmon, and then spent the rest of the day watching lines for bites. As the end of the salmon s Photo By Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Welcome to the latest edition of All We Hear is Purple - the only podcast that raises your blood pressure AND lowers it at the same time!

This week our esteemed football guru Coach B joins Andrew to discuss the big wave of recent recruiting commitments (massive results from a big weekend) and the looming specter of conference realignment (5 stages of grief... ever hear of it?).

Gabey couldn’t make the session and was sorely missed, but she sent in this communique from an undisclosed location:

  • “*ahem* Fox Sports & the telecomms corporations & those underachieving cretins that are USC & UCLA can go choke on a foghorn”
  • “I hope the San Andreas fault collapses, transporting southern California into an unprecedented tectonic rift eastwards so that LA can achieve its dream of being closer to Bloomington, Indiana”
  • And lastly: “Larry Scott is the absolute worst”
  • Oh wait actually not lastly cuz I have to add “@UCLA: up yours you Los Angeles talent wasting-ass bitches”

Fall camp is right around the corner and Game #1 of the DeBoer era is a mere 6 weeks away!

Enjoy the sun and Go Dawgs!!