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Wednesday Dots: Meet and Confer

Realignment furor isn’t going away any time soon

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 16 UCLA at Washington Photo by Jesse Beals/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You’re lookin’ good, just like some Dots in the grass

One of these days, you’re gonna break your glass

  • Mike Vorel from the Seattle Times has been all over the realignment developments from a UW perspective. His latest piece goes into detail on the priorities UW has to keep at the top of the list when evaluating alignment opportunities. According to Vorel, access to the CFP, in whatever form it takes, should be a requirement.

  • Over at The Athletic, Stuart Mandel examines realignment progress from a wider lens. He notes that the unholy alliance between the TV networks and conference execs has prioritized money over fan experience and left many supporters out in the cold.

  • Christian Caple takes a novel approach and looks at the actual football team, ranking the 22 most important players. A year after the run defense spelled doom week after week, it makes sense that two defensive linemen would headline the list.

  • At SI, Dan Raley catalogs the seven running backs still in competition to take the top spot on the depth chart. As many have surmised, it looks like Aaron Dumas might have the inside track to a starting job due to his balanced skill set.