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Dots: Just Keep Swimming

We’re less than 3 weeks away from the start of fall camp

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Football Dots

  • Do you enjoy the cutaways during every home game of a Seattle team on a major network to people throwing dead fish? Check out photos of UW athletes holding said dead fish! (Can you tell I’m not really a fishing guy? But I won’t judge since it earned some sweet sweet NIL dollars for the squad.)
  • Husky fans might be interested in the announcement from 4-star Texas safety Jordan Sanford in a few weeks...

Basketball Dots

  • It was the first weekend of the Jamal Crawford-run CrawsOver summer league and there is at least one current or former Husky on every team. 10 of the 13 current scholarship Dawgs are participating with Koren Johnson, Samuel Ariyibi, and Jamal Bey as the exceptions.
  • There were some big performances already from new additions including: Team-high 22 points from incoming freshman Tyler Linhardt, team-high 21 points from Franck Kepnang, 26 points and 10 rebounds from Keion Brooks, and 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists from Noah Williams.

Washington Athletics Dots