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Q&A With A 4-Star Husky Linebacker Recruit

Q&A With Mater Dei’s Leviticus Su’a

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Happy Wednesday Husky fans. I was recently able to chat with 4 star inside linebacker Leviticus Su’a from Mater Dei HS, CA. UW coaches have been actively recruiting the 186th ranked player and 14th best inside linebacker in the country (per 247sports). Here is some of what Su’a had to say about UW, the staff, and recent visit, and other things:

How are you feeling about the new staff at UW?

The new staff at UW are great. I’ve been in contact a lot with Coach Inge and Coach DeBoer and they’re great coaches as well as great people. They’ve told me there vision with the new team and how they are ready to go hard this season.

Coach Inge I believe is running point on your recruitment. How is that going with him recruiting you?

Recruiting with Coach Inge is very interesting. He has a very strong personality and it comes out every time i speak with him. He’ll send me texts at random times and just say “We Rollin”. It’s a motto of his he likes to say.

You visited UW a few weeks ago. How did that visit go? What was the highlight of your trip?

My visit to UW went really well. I visited when I was a freshman so this was my first visit with the new staff. The highlight of my trip was getting to be on the field during their practice. Coach Inge was including me in everything they were doing . He was giving me play calls and telling me what’s supposed to happen each play.

Which programs are you planning on setting a visit up to?

So far I’ve set up an official to Arizona. I plan to maybe take two more in June depending on my schedule with Mater Dei.

When are you thinking of making your decision?

I don’t have a set timeline of when I want to commit but I’m in no rush of making a decision.

What will be the most important factors for you when you commit?

The most important factors when I commit is if I believe my position coach can bring my best potential out, the type of players i’ll be surrounding myself with, and always if my parents believe the school is the best fit for me as a person not just solely as a football player.

Here are some highlights of Su’a:

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