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Dots: Poll time

Plus a crapload of softball awards and some football stuff.

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NCAA SOFTBALL: MAY 23 Playoff Regional - Michigan v Washington Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Thursday fellow alleged human beings. Today our dots start out with this, the priority of our time:

Can I justify how emotionally invested I’ve become in Washington winning this poll to bring a former Texas A&M lineman — who, mind you, I didn’t know existed until two weeks ago — to Montlake during TAMU’s bye week? Well, there’s a couple schools of thought here:

  1. No
  2. no but lowercase

But regardless, here we are, and we need your votes.

Anyways, moving on to actual Washington news:

Hell yeah:

And beyond that, hell yeah again:

Congrats to Dante but also holy crap it’s been five years already? I hate the passage of time:

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.