Montlake Futures

Montlake Futures

MF has a dedicated staff of two who have had to do everything remotely, until now they are currently moving into a brand new Seattle office where they’ll be able to have a physical presence.

They’re hiring a employee who is 100% dedicated to putting out social media content for Montlake Futures. So in the near future you’ll be seeing A LOT more social media content put out there.

Everyone hears of certain huge NIL deals for certain high profile 5 star athletes. UW NIL will not be focused on putting a million dollars into ONE recruits pocket. MF strategy will be providing monetary opportunities across the roster comprehensively so as to benefit the entire team and with higher competition aimed at the STARTERS. Keep in mind this is still in the infancy stage and at anytime a certain business can of their own free will decide they want to sponsor a local 5 star QB recruit.

Montlake futures has every intention on capturing the passion of the Husky Fanbase to support their Huskies and be 100% competitive relative to ANYONE in the country. MF absolutely understands that football is king at UW and supports ALL the other sports at UW so the primary focus will be football.

MF contributors can give cash directly to MF for them to act as a intermediary to facilitate an NIL deal. This part I’m not going to hang my hat on and say it’s a fact but that’s my understanding. Businesses or, people like me, who want to support their charity, can set up an NIL deal with a UW athlete to promote that charity. MF futures can and will advise on how to get these deals done.

Right now the "average" across college football for all college football players who are receiving NIL money is $4000 a year. So when you see a huge "splash" contract for a certain recruit it’s an anomaly rather than a team average. The great news is RIGHT NOW Montlake Futures is "WAY ABOVE THAT" according to Henry McRae of Montlake Futures. Fantastic news right DAWGfans!!! Lastly they’re available right now and ALL DAWGFANS are needed at every donation level to make Husky NIL stronger. I feel like it’s similar to Tyees strength in numbers as well as some high rollers and Corporations. You can have your NIL deal be set up or your cash given to either a particular program or a particular athlete. That’s the bulk of what I found and as always GO DAWGS! WOOF!! Scott