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All We Hear is Purple: Spring Break, Woo!

After a lovely couple month-long break in which the crew had the pleasure of forgetting everything they know about sports, we’re back?

Indiana v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Good morning or afternoon or whatever, and welcome back to AWHiP, episode number something. This podcast brought to you by Managing Editor Max going “Hey you guys gonna do a podcast on account of it’s spring practice and you haven’t done sh*t in two months?” to which Andrew and Gabey responded “lol oh yeah that exists.”

Anyway, today we talked about spring practice stuff, such as:

  • Offensive line fun times
  • Running back fun times
  • Quarterback fun times
  • Defensive line fun times
  • Kalen DeBoer knowing what we want to hear, and then saying it
  • Like “haha what idiot would just run the inside zone all day?”
  • Wanting more than anything for the former-boxing-champion-slash-offensive-lineman-MJ Ale-to-defensive line transition to work out
  • All those new S&C player weights, complete with everyone’s favorite new coaching staff cliché, “guys are working harder than ever” and “the new staff just have a new energy”
  • Chuck Klosterman’s book, The 90s
  • The joy of letting your brain forget stuff that doesn’t matter, like sports and any franchise Disney has blown to smithereens the last five years
  • Rhys Darby, who is maybe perfect? Maybe?
  • Rhys Darby as a pirate, which is awesome.
  • Oh and taking it seriously when Cade Otton says Mishael Powell is good
  • The absurd frequency with which Gabey’s stomach revolts and chunders everywhere
  • Apologizing for making you listen to us talking about barfing

Enjoy (or don’t, who am I to tell you how to feel about a podcast that at least 12 of the hosts forgot existed for like five weeks)!

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.