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March Madness 2022: Selection Sunday starts at 3 p.m. PT on March 13

Fine out how to tune in to the bracket reveal and join the UWDP tourney pick’em group

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Columbus Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Washington may not be on the bubble for Selection Sunday but if you’re a college basketball fan you’re still going to want to tune in to the reveal and fill out a bracket of your own.

Time: 3:00p PT


The Pac-12 will almost certainly have exactly 3 teams in the tournament this year: Arizona, UCLA, and USC. However, as of this morning it appears that all 4 #1 seeds will come from teams west of the Mississippi (Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, and Baylor) which would be the first time that has ever happened. This comes on the heels of the first Final 4 to feature all teams west of the Mississippi last year (Gonzaga, UCLA, Baylor, Houston).

Sports betting may not be legal in the state of Washington but for those interested in checking out the betting lines for any of the tournament games you can find them at DraftKings once the bracket is released.

And for those interested in a form of betting where all you have to lose is your pride, join the UW Dawg Pound Tourney Pick’Em group at this link right here. It’s free to join and if you win you have the choice about whether to be insufferable about it or just accept your congratulations and move on with your life. It’s up to you! (Sorry, not sorry Rhaego).

Traditionally a lot of people only fill out a bracket for the men’s tournament. This year the women’s tournament finally has gotten the rights to be advertised as part of “March Madness”. The Degree Bracket Gap Challenge is trying to help increase gender equity across college basketball and is encouraging folks to fill out a bracket for the women’s tournament as well. You can head right here to fill out a bracket as well once the bracket becomes available with the grand winner earning $100,000 to be divided between themselves and the women’s college basketball program of their choice.

Time: 5:00p PT