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Husky History Quiz

Who are the 1st-round picks of Husky football? You’ll never guess #4!

The regular season is over, and while we are excited for bowl season to begin (especially with the 10-2 Huskies looking forward to a fantastic Alamo Bowl matchup), with the Early Signing Period almost here and the transfer portal already in full swing, it’s also hard not to think about players and talent that you bring into school, with the very best heading for success in the pros.

Sure, a star high school prospect or even a touted transfer is far from guaranteed a spot in the NFL but continuing to create top-tier talent is part of the road to success for UW. To that end, I’ve been looking back at Husky history and thought it might be a fun diversion for folks now and into the offseason to look back at how Huskies have done before. I’ve started making a number of Sporcle quizzes focused firmly on UW football and hopefully you can have a few minutes of fun testing your knowledge of the Husky greats of the recent and not-so-recent past!

P.S. I’m serious with that subheading; you will never guess the only Husky to go #4 in the NFL draft.