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Monday Dots: Gusty Winds and Gutsy Wins

Huskies survive Beavers and turn attention to Ducks

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NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Stay on the scene, like a Dots machine!

The way I like it is, is the way it is

I got mine, (dig it!), he got his

  • One drive doesn’t define a season. But if we were going to associate a series of plays with Kalen Deboer’s first season as UW coach, you could do a lot worse than the 18-play drive that clinched the win over Oregon State on Friday. Mike Vorel went inside the drive to show what it meant for the team and the program.

  • Even moments after the game, the coaches and players talked about how to carry the momentum into the Oregon game next week. Larry Stone talks about whether the Dawgs can make that unlikely leap to glory.

  • Christian Caple accumulated his reactions to the game. He led off with how unlikely a victory looked in the first half due to self-inflicted mistakes. The poor start makes the late turnaround even more impactful.