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Week 10 College Football Viewing Guide and Open Thread

Your guide to watching football with the Washington game already concluded

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports


9:00 AM: Sleeping In

Now I understand that if you’re reading this guide and it’s before 9a then you probably didn’t actually sleep in. There’s still time though! Set down your phone and go back to bed! I’ll be honest that this was written prior to the UW-Oregon State game. But there’s no chance it ended before 11:00p. Maybe you, like me, were there in person and froze in the wind and hten didn’t get home until well after midnight. Good news, the morning slate sucks!

If you’re a cord cutter like me and only have access to the major networks then your options are: Air Force at Army (CBS), #2 Ohio State at Northwestern (ABC), or Texas Tech at #7 TCU (FOX). If you love service academy triple option football then go nuts with that game. If you are the worst kind of masochist you could watch Ohio State pummel Northwestern into a fine powder. I guess Texas Tech/TCU might be interesting. I however plan on sleeping in as late as my body will let me, missing the opening kicks of the 9a window be damned.

12:30 PM: #1 Tennessee (8-0) at #3 Georgia (8-0), CBS

DraftKings Betting Line: Georgia -8, O/U 66

Did you take my advice and get nice and well rested? Get all of your grocery shopping out of the way? Good. Because this is the quality stuff right here. Maybe Georgia kicks Tennessee’s ass and makes their offense look like it’s the mickey mouse variety. But the winner of this game has a massive leg up towards the College Football Playoff. This is essentially the SEC East title game. There’s virtually no chance that the winner ends up losing 2 games after this so lose this game and you don’t even make the SEC title game. Could an SEC team make the CFP despite not even winning their division? Absolutely because existence is pain. But it makes it a heck of a lot harder. This is by far the most consequential game of the season so far and the only thing that could possibly top it is Ohio State/Michigan at the end of the year.

4:00 PM: #6 Alabama (7-1) at #10 LSU (6-2), ESPN

DraftKings Betting Line: Alabama -13.5, O/U 58

This isn’t quite a winner take all battle for the SEC West title since Alabama/Ole Miss play one another next week and all 3 are currently tied atop the division standings. But if LSU can pull this off at home in the Bayou then they come pretty close to securing a date with the winner of the game before this in the SEC title game if they just don’t trip on their own feet the rest of the way. All you need in order to essentially guarantee that Alabama doesn’t make the College Football Playoff is to...root for Brian Kelly. That’s a highly personal decision and I leave it to you and your God to discuss.

Alternate Option 4:00 PM: #24 Texas (5-3) at #13 Kansas St (6-2), FS1

DraftKings Betting Line: Texas -2.5, O/U 54

Kansas State is only a week removed from absolutely obliterating Oklahoma State and putting themselves in position for an all-purple rematch with TCU in the Big 12 title game. The question everyone is asking though. Is Texas back to being back? People will say yes if they win this game. Let’s go KSU.

I’m obligated to point out the other ranked vs. ranked game this weekend involves Wake Forest playing NC State on ACC Network. It’s not just the Pac-12 network that does this shit. The ACC Network does it too. See?

7:30 PM: #11 UCLA (7-1) at Arizona State (3-5), FS1

DraftKings Betting Line: UCLA -11, O/U 66

I already asked you to skip the morning window so I can’t also ask you to take a mulligan on the late window as well. You have your pick of one-loss teams from Los Angeles who are abandoning the conference for the night slate. This is on paper the game that should be a little closer. The Sun Devils decided that Trenton Bourget’s performance against UW wasn’t a mirage and he lit up Colorado (I know, but still) last week in a victory. They’re now 2-0 against FBS opponents when he plays and 0-5 when he doesn’t. So...maybe?