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Week 13 Saturday College Football Open Thread & Viewing Guide

Your place to comment on the happenings around the country on the last CFB Saturday of the year. That went quickly.

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By virtue of UCLA beating Cal yesterday afternoon it means that Washington’s chances of making it to the Pac-12 title game to play USC are razor thin. In order for that to happen it means that all of the following need to occur:

Washington wins at Washington State (okay)

Oregon State wins vs. Oregon (could definitely see it)

Colorado wins vs. Utah (record scratch)

If the Buffs actually win against Utah it will be one of the great upsets in conference history. Especially after having just experienced Colorado in all of its’ glory last Saturday. That team is crawling towards the finish line line despite looking like the black knight in Monty Python with no limbs.

It’ll be a shame if Washington finishes 10-2 and doesn’t get to contend for a Pac-12 title. But that would still be a fantastic debut season for Kalen DeBoer. And it’s best not to count that win in the books just yet because this is a Washington State squad that is definitely capable of upending the Dawgs.


9:00 AM: #3 Michigan (11-0) at #2 Ohio State (11-0), FOX

DraftKings Betting Line: Ohio State -7.5, O/U 56

This plus Georgia/Tennessee are the most consequential games of the season in college football. Both are against divisional opponents who each had a legitimate claim to a top-3 ranking at the time of the game and the loser was eliminated from conference championship contention. Tennessee lost Hendon Hooker and then the game last week to drop from a potential 1-loss division loser who could still make the CFP. We’ll see what happens if this game comes down to the wire but there could easily be a rematch on the horizon next month.

Also this game takes on sudden new importance for Husky fans given that QB Lincoln Kienholz suddenly seems on the verge of flipping from UW to Ohio State. There might be nothing more the Huskies can do about that but CJ Stroud looking awful in a huge Michigan win wouldn’t be the worst thing for in the world to see even if it’s unlikely.

12:30 PM: #12 Oregon (9-2) at #23 Oregon State (8-3), ABC

DraftKings Betting Line: Oregon -3, O/U 58

This game will go a long ways towards deciding where the Huskies finish in bowl position even if the Dawgs don’t make the Pac-12 championship game. A loss by Oregon here would put them at 9-3 when they play USC. If the Trojans win that game as well suddenly the Ducks are 9-4 versus (hopefully) a 10-2 Husky team. It’s not hard to think that Washington ends up with the 2nd best bowl game from the Pac-12 in that circumstance as the only team other than USC with 2 or fewer losses. Go Beavs. Go Beavs. Go Beavs. (and once more for luck, GO BEAVS)!!!

1:00 PM: #19 Utah (8-3) at Colorado (1-10), Pac-12 Network

DraftKings Betting Line: Utah -30, O/U 52

It would be the ultimate college football miracle. But a win by Colorado here keeps alive Washington’s hopes of making the Pac-12 championship game. So I guess go buffs. Although I almost would almost feel more sorry for Utah than happy for UW if it happened.

4:30 PM: #18 Notre Dame (8-3) at #7 USC (10-1), ABC

DraftKings Betting Line: USC -5.5, O/U 64.5

This game doesn’t affect Washington’s Pac-12 title chances but it has a decent shot affecting their bowl positioning. USC needs to win out in order to make the CFP and thus slot everyone up one place better in the Pac-12 bowl lineup. Should USC lose this game it means likely only one spot in the NY6 for the conference and the winner of the conference championship game gets to play in the Rose Bowl. It also gives the committee an excuse to have Notre Dame leapfrog Washington in the final CFP rankings which could limit UW’s hopes of a possible Cotton Bowl appearance.

7:30 PM: #17 Washington (9-2) at Washington State (7-4), ESPN

DraftKings Betting Line: Washington -2, O/U 60

Duh. What a way to close out the college football regular season.


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