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Wednesday Dots: Extended

Kalen DeBoer gets a contract extension, and Roger Rosengarten asks who the president of the clean plate club is.

Washington v Arizona State Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Our actions define our legacy. (Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4 episode 10)

Despite being at UW less than a year, Kalen DeBoer is already establishing a legacy.

Many UW seniors are looking to define their own legacy as their seasons conclude.

Football Dots

  • UW is up to (lucky number?) 13 in the latest CFP ranking.
  • I get the feeling that Roger is expecting to hear a particular answer.
  • Starting next month Husky fans can purchase trading cards with UW football players on them.

UW Athletics Dots

  • The Tyee Club has set up a “Mighty Are the Women” fund.
  • The final home game is tonight for UW’s senior women’s volleyball players: Dani Cole, Shannon Crenshaw, Marin Grote, Claire Hoffman, Sianna Houghton, and Ella May Powell.
  • Some pro soccer Dawgs were back on campus