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Q&A With 4 Star 2023 Wide Receiver Target

Chatting With 4 Star Wideout Taeshaun Lyons

NCAA Football: Colorado at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday Husky fans. The Husky staff is trying to put the final touches on their 2023 recruiting class leading up to the early signing period on 12/15. One of the biggest targets left on their board is 4 star wide receiver Taeshaun Lyons who just unofficially visited UW for their win over Colorado. I had the pleasure of catching up with Lyons to talk about UW and his recruitment:

How is your relationship with UW and coach Shephard?

Me and coach Shepard have always been really cool. I’ve talked to him many many times and we’ve always had a great relationship along with the school and other staff as well. All the coaches even on the defensive side of the ball all talk to me and make me feel loved.

You have had a pretty strong senior season and picked up quite a bit of new offers. What has that been like?

Yea this season was pretty good, I think I confirmed a lot of things for schools around the nation and are still taking to a few big schools right now. It’s been good to have these national schools come around. It really to me just made me know that I’m a national recruit, that I can play almost anywhere I want.

How would you describe yourself as wideout?

I think I see myself as a receiver that can do it all. I’ve been told by coaches they see me playing x or z, and get my in the slot as well. I have speed and ability to take the top off the defense and blow past them. I can go up and get the ball on top of defenders. I can run the complex routes that an offense runs to get open, settle in zones and attack weak spots. I can make moves with the ball in my hands to play in the slot and return kicks and punts so I feel I have it all.

Conversely, the Husky offense has been pretty good this year. What are your thoughts on the program and offense?

Yea for me I love the offense and what they have going on as a program. I mean who wouldn’t want to get the ball thrown to as a receiver? I’ve seen them throw the ball at the 2, I’ve seen them put 3 receivers out there on the opponent 3. Going to Washington maxes out my potential as a receiver

What is the Husky staff saying your role in this offense would be if you were a Husky next year?

They see my playing all around everywhere. As a freshman they see me playing both H and Z.

Have you been talking to any other Husky recruits about UW?

Yea I’ve talked to a few dudes actually. Mainly the players from my state, Rashid Williams, Leroy Bryant those two I know and talk to every once in awhile.

How did your unofficial go this last weekend and what was the highlight?

It went pretty good, I mean I got there to watch the game, then the next day I was there for a few hours but it was really just talking with the coaches catching up on how things have been. Nothing really to flashy, my highlight of the weekend probably was watching one of those running backs jump over dude to get into the end zone for sure

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest now?

Mainly right now Miami, Washington, USC, and Penn state a little.

Where are you at in your recruitment? Are you looking at committing in December?

Yea I’m trying to settle and really find out where I wanna go at this point, I am looking to commit around December 10. I am mainly looking at the opportunity to play, and thrive in an offense. As well as the quality of degree for me that’s the most important thing outside of football. Also how much they set us up for life after football.

Lyons is rated as the 35th wideout in the 2023 class and would be a major addition to UW and their program.

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