The Apple Cup

WSU is going to be sky-high for this game. Regardless of what happens with Oregon and UCLA, the Cougar players and staff KNOW they can keep UW from the PAC-12 Championship game simply by winning.

With that in mind, I expect we will see the very best the Cougars have to offer. The stat that has my attention is WSU is #3 in the conference in Pass Defense Efficiency and if we rely too much on the pass, I fear we will be in for a long evening. We also MUST bring the same intensity and determination.

I think the game comes down to who runs the ball better. Is the Cougar rushing offense is as good as our defense? IMHO - our rush defense is kind of our weakest link right now so this is the #1 question in my mind. If the Cougars can run the ball on us then my gut is leaning toward WSU. But if we can run the ball on them, augmented with our passing game, then I think UW wins.

This game is as hard for me to predict as the UCLA game was. Plus, it's on the road and it will be a cool evening. I have MAJOR concerns :-(