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All We Hear Is Purple: The Princeton Crew Spectacular

Max joins Andrew to hand out mid-season awards

NCAA Football: Portland St. at Washington Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to this week’s edition of All We Hear is Purple. Gabey and Coach B are on an important diplomatic mission this week, so UWDP Editor and guru Max Vrooman has entered the chat.

Max and Andrew start with a recap of the Cal game. The talk about the illusion of defensive superiority, a running back rabble, and a group of Cal players who sound like villains from the movie Trading Places.

Next, they take advantage of the bye week to hand out some midseason awards- MVPs, breakout players, disappointments, and the best moment of the season.

Before wrapping up, they make sure to talk about Noel Fielding and the Great British Baking Show yet again, plus the impenetrable accents of Derry Girls and whether we’re more likely to die from bioweapons or getting swallowed by the sun. You know, the usual fare.

Give it a listen:

Go Dawgs!!