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All We Hear is Purple: A famously televisual medium

In the words of Tobias Fünke: Onward and up... on...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 Washington at UCLA Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good day fine fellow people, today the crew returns after being unable to record last week, for which we deeply apologize. Just kidding, we never apologize. Apologizing is for nerds!

Anyways, this week we talked about a number of the most exciting topics you could ever imagine, like:

  • Gabey’s two-week mental vacation-ish from Washington
  • Rome Odunze and Michael Penix being fun as heck even when other stuff isn’t
  • Jayden de Laura
  • Apologizing that we’re really not providing much insight into the actual on-field product because we’re wasting so much time on philosophy
  • USC-based schadenfreude and not being too surprised about their Utah loss
  • The unbearable weirdness of Cal
  • No seriously, how did Cal lose to Colorado?
  • And yet because Cal is extremely silly we will presumably lose to Cal...
  • Brian Kelly: Bad person, or the worst person?
  • The history of regional pro wrestling and why aren’t more people watching Frayed, dangit??