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All We Hear is Purple: Exhale Doubt with Deontae Cooper

We’re lifelong Highline Pirates fans now

Colorado v Washington
Running back Deontae Cooper #32 of the Washington Huskies rushes against the Colorado Buffaloes on November 9, 2013
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Good morning and/or evening or whatever and welcome back to All We Hear is Purple.

This week you guys are lucky because instead of listening to just Andrew and Gabey’s voices (ew gross) and opinions (*dry heaving noise*) you get to hear the one and only wonderful Husky, Deontae Cooper (awesome and cool).

Not only is Deontae a delightful person, but he has some great insight into all sorts of aspects of the game, both as a player and now a coach. This episode, we talked to him about:

  • Taking over as the head coach at Highline High School and leading them Disney movie-style to their first KingCo 2A title since the Eisenhower administration
  • The difference in recruiting when he was in high school versus now, and how he tries to aid his players in the process
  • The mental and physical aspect of going through — and overcoming — so many injuries
  • How strength and conditioning has changed from the 20th century to his time to now
  • What makes a good coach, and what he learned from the three different head coaches in his college career
  • What went into his decision to transfer after so long at Washington, and how that set the stage for him returning to the Puget Sound after college
  • Dawgs he’s looking forward to watching next season
  • Who worked him so hard during a conditioning session that he took the 3:10 express train to vom city

Deontae was seriously a great guy to talk to this episode and all of us have decided we’re Highline High School Pirates fans now. Also, if you’re on Twitter, you can find him at @DCoop_32. (Oh also at the end, one of Gabey’s recs is a live show that is now in the past, since we recorded this last week and she’s dumb. Oh well.) Enjoy!

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.