Who Will Be First?

Kalen DeBoer has been the head coach at UW for almost 7 weeks already. In that time he has had some success with UW's roster. He was able to get 4 of the recruits that had committed to UW before his arrival to sign last month. (A fifth signed and then left.) He's brought in a few transfers. He had one JC player commit (Demario King); he's already enrolled at UW. He's brought in what looks like some good coaches. He has been able to retain (for now) most of UW's players. And he and his staff had put out a lot of offers already and made visits to several high schools. All of those are positive developments.

What has been missing, so far, is a commitment from a high school recruit. But that looks like it will be changing soon-certainly in the next two weeks. The question that I pose now, is which high school recruit will be the first to commit to DeBoer (at UW). Here are some options:

This weekend's visitors

There are 5 high school recruits that are on official visits this weekend. If things go well, one (or more) of them could commit either during the visit or soon after. Here are some options:

Emar'rion Winston- The 4-star LB was committed to Oregon but decommitted after Cristobal left. He took an official visit to Florida last weekend, but he has another visit set up for next weekend-although it is to Nevada. My outlook now is that I think UW is in a good position to get him to commit, but I think that if it happens, it won't be until after that visit.

Vega Ioane- Vega was committed to UW but decommitted after the coaching change. Like Winston, Ioane has another official visit set up for next weekend-to UCLA. And again, I think that UW has a good chance to get his commitment, but it likely won't be until after the UCLA visit.

Triston Dunn-Triston is currently committed to Arizona State; he obviously didn't sign with them in December. Currently he is not listed as having a UW offer. If that offer comes this weekend, he could flip to UW-but that is not guaranteed.

Derek Boyd-The athlete/RB also does not have an offer from UW yet. And it is probably less clear that he will get one since there is a transfer RB (Aaron Dumas) that is visiting this weekend. If Dumas commits to UW, I don't know if there is a spot for Boyd, so he might not even get an offer.

Grady Gross-The kicker from Arizona looks like a good possibility to commit to UW considering this is his only visit (that I can see). I don't know how long after his visit it will be before he decides where he wants to go; he does have some other Power-5 offers.

Previous visitors

Two other recruits have already visited UW but have not committed elsewhere.

Kevonte Henry-He previously committed to Michigan but has been visiting other schools. He visited UW last month. He visited Oklahoma last weekend and is scheduled to visit Florida this next weekend. If UW can flip him, it probably won't be known until after his visit to Florida.

Darrien Lewis-Like some others above, Lewis does not yet have a UW offer despite visiting last month. The thought is that while they like him, there may be some others that they like more and don't want him to take that spot until they hear from the others.

Future visitors

There is only one future official visitor currently scheduled (that we know of).

Max Brown-He committed to Central Michigan, but did not sign with them-and he's probably glad. He is visiting Florida this weekend (although he doesn't yet have an offer there), and he visits UW next weekend. I would guess that the coaches will be pushing for him to make a decision because if he doesn't commit to UW then they can go after another option at QB, like maybe Josh Wood. I would guess that the chances are good that he'll commit to UW, but it likely won't be until he gets on campus-at the earliest.


I've heard that there may be more official visitors next weekend (besides Brown). RB Andrew Paul has a UW offer and he is not currently scheduled for an official visit next weekend (and he has 2 more left after visiting Colorado, Michigan, and Clemson). Josh Conerly has said that he'll be taking an unofficial visit to UW at some point, but won't be making a decision until March. There are a few other recruits that have a UW offer but are uncommitted; the staff could be working on getting one or more to take an official visit next weekend. Roman Rashada is a DB that was offered by the new staff, but he is a JC recruit so I'm not counting him.

There have been a lot of 2023 offers to go out from the new staff. It is possible that one of them could commit before any of the 2022 high school recruits, but that seems unlikely at this point. My guess is that they will want to hear more from UW's coaches before making a commitment.

My guess

Given the options above, my guess at the first high school commit is Grady Gross. I think that we'll hear about his commitment sometime in the next week. But, put your thoughts in the comments below.