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Wednesday Dots: The Expanding Universe

Football is over, so let’s talk about rules

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NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Georgia vs Alabama Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Everything will be fine

Long as you stay in school

Stay off the hard stuff

And keep between the Dots

  • On the bright side, the CFP Championship game was competitive and entertaining. On the other hand, the semi-finals were blowouts and the final was a rematch of the SEC title game. Does that call for systemic change? Matt Calkins talks through some of the potential unintended consequences of CFP expansion, as well as some of the competitive issues expansion couldn’t solve.

  • Looking further ahead, Michigan commit Kevonte Henry updated his recruitment with two upcoming official visits. Henry is reportedly close to new Husky staffer Courtney Morgan and the Dawgs have a good shot at the talented linebacker.

  • After the historic season for UW Men’s Soccer, the Huskies were all over the MLS draft on Tuesday. Most significantly, Dylan Teves signed with the Sounders on a homegrown player deal.