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Wednesday Dots: Dylan Isn’t Dead

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Searching for answers on the offensive line

NCAA Football: Montana at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I told a girl that my prospects were good

And she said, “baby, it’s understood

Working for Dots is all very fine

But I can show you a better time

  • As much as Dylan Morris struggled in the Montana catastrophe, Mike Vorel points out that it’s not time to turn to Sam Huard just yet. Jimmy Lake has treated Patrick O’Brien as the primary backup through the fall, so he might be the first option if Morris has to come out. Moreover, with the porous offensive line play and limited pass-catching options, it wouldn’t exactly be a prime opportunity for Huard to thrive.

  • The Athletic has a preview of some of the key week 2 college football games. UW and Michigan probably would have made the cut with a better outcome last week. Instead, Oregon and Utah represent the Pac on the national stage.

  • In a bit of news that sounds more like Media Mad Libs than a Seattle Times headline, Nate Burleson has joined the CBS Mornings show. O’Dea grad Burleson made a good impression on the NFL Network and will make the leap to mainstream news coverage.