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Dots: Accountability

and availability are the best abilities

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 09 Washington Spring Practice Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Football Dots

  • Jimmy Lake met with the media yesterday to talk through the Montana loss and give updates on the injuries to practically the entire UW receivers room. Here’s a complete transcript via the Times.
  • Mike Vorel asks where the offense goes from here after learning Ja’Lynn Polk is out for the season after requiring emergency surgery on Saturday night.
  • Christian Caple came up with 3 priorities for Washington to focus on moving forward following Lake’s presser which including plenty of Lake taking the blame.
  • It’s not exactly surprising but UW’s ranking came one spot away from doubling in The Athletic’s weekly 1-130 FBS rankings.
  • The biggest flaw in this is that if we faded to dust in front of Oregon they would be laughing with glee, not crying.