Post Montana Thoughts

I'm sure that there have been a lot of hot-takes, comments, analysis, and speculation regarding UW's performance against Montana. Before I read some of that, I wanted to compose a few thoughts after having had some time to cool off since the game.

I'll let people much better at analyzing football try to understand why UW lost, but it was abundantly clear that UW's offense was a great, big, steaming pile of poo against Montana. Special teams was not exactly stellar, either. And the defense should have been better, too.

But, for all of that, there are some reasons to not write off this season just yet.

⦁ The problems that were on display were not because of a lack of talent. UW has plenty of talent across the roster, and certainly had more talent than Montana. Therefore it shouldn't take years of recruiting and development to fix the problems from the Montana game. That is not to say that UW doesn't need more talent, but we've seen most of those players play at a much better level than they did on Saturday.

⦁ UW's defense is good enough to keep them in games. The defense did not look elite against Montana, but they looked good enough in that game and in other games to indicate that they can keep opponent scoring low. If so, that means that the offense doesn't have as much work to do. It is a lot easier to go from 7 points per game to 21 points per game than to needing 30 points per game to get wins.

⦁ UW's goal of competing for a Pac12 championship and a major bowl game are still in play. Obviously UW has to fix a lot of problems, and there is some time to get them fixed before Pac12 play starts, and a lot of time before the Pac12 Championship game and the bowl season.

⦁ None of the other Pac12 North teams looked great last weekend either. That means that if UW can make some improvements in the next month, and can continue to improve over the course of the season, winning the Pac12 North is still a possibility.

Obviously there are questions about how long it will take to make the improvements and whether this coaching staff is able to do (or should even be the ones to do it). I don't have the answers to those questions, but I expect that we'll start to get answers this weekend.