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Dots: 0 and 1 for the Ages

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Saturday’s shocking loss will live in infamy. How will Jimmy Lake’s Huskies respond?

Montana v Washington Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Happy Monday At least today’s a holiday, Dawg fans. And welcome to today’s Dots.

In the recent Trap Game article we published, someone (me) dismissed Saturday’s game with: “If you’re not prepared for your first opponent of the year you’ve got bigger problems to sort out than the odd trap game.”


If you choose to plunge into the well of tears, you may, for the well is deep.

  • Funny enough, the first game ever where you can drink a beer in your seat was also the game you’d most need to.
  • Here’s almost 900 words on the only thing that made me smile on Saturday:
  • In other news: