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Wednesday Dots: Jon Don Tilts at Windmills

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Huskies OC faces the media and expresses his own confusion

NCAA Football: California at Washington Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, don’t give us none of your aggravation

We had it with your discipline

Oh, Saturday night’s alright for Dots

Get a little action in

  • The most pronounced theme from the first third of the UW football season has been frustration with an often ineffective offense. Mike Vorel got the scoop from the horse’s mouth when Jon Donovan talked about what has and hasn’t worked in the unit he coordinates. Donovan acknowledges some of the failures, but insists that the offense has what it takes to bounce back. I remain skeptical, especially after the backslide in the second half against Cal.

  • Christian Caple has his own analysis of Donovan’s comments. He does not paint a pretty picture. Opposing defenses have packed the box to limit rushing options and the pass game has not executed efficiently enough to tip the balance in their favor.

  • The NLRB released a memo that specifically categorized NCAA athletes as employees for the purposes of the statute that governs labor law. In other words, the thorniest legal question in the way of players forming unions has now been resolved in favor of players. Expect to see more unionization campaigns in the next few years, akin to the Northwestern football team, but on a much more expedient timeline.