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College Football Saturday Week 2 Open Thread

A full lineup for your viewing pleasure

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Welcome to week 2 of the college football season which unfortunately doesn’t look like it’s going to be nearly as fun as it was shaping up to be at about 4:15p last Saturday. Still, the Pac-12 is featured in just about every big national game this weekend although they’re almost all underdogs. Yet we soldier on. If you’re watching the action, follow along right here and we’ve got suggestions if you’re not sure what to focus on. Here we go.


9:00 AM: #12 Oregon at #3 Ohio State (-14.5), FOX

The dreaded game against the 2 teams that have been the 2 biggest thorns in the sides of Washington in recruiting lately. Fortunately we can consult the rubric and discover that we do in fact root against Oregon no matter who they are playing so the interests here are clear. Oregon’s star pass rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux ended last week in a walking boot and probably isn’t going to be able to suit up. Expect the ridiculous skill position talent that the Buckeyes have to run over the Ducks but Ohio State’s defense looked pretty mediocre against Minnesota last week.

12:30 PM: #5 Texas A&M (-17) at Colorado, FOX

Another opportunity to see a Pac-12 school as a multiple touchdown underdog against a top-5 team. Hooray! Every other ranked team in this window is playing a group of 5 or FCS school so for the next hour, this is pretty much what you’ve got unless you want to watch Cal at TCU. Taking a lunch break would be preferab

1:30 PM: #10 Iowa at #9 Iowa State (-4.5), ABC

El Assico!!! And not just any el assico but one in which the two teams are both within the top-10 in the rankings. Iowa whitewashed Indiana last week while Iowa State squeaked past an FCS team. This is basically Michigan vs. UW if both teams had scored an extra 7 points last weekend except it’s an in-state rivalry game.

4:00 PM: #15 Texas (-7) at Arkansas, ESPN

If you’re looking for something to distract yourself with in the hour leading up to the game then you might try the old SWAC showdown. The Longhorns looked good in their first game with Sark at the helm and go on the road against a team they should beat but that hasn’t stopped them from losing ones like this before.

5:00 PM: Washington at Michigan (-7), ABC


7:15 PM: #21 Utah at BYU (-7), ESPN

There are 5 games featuring Pac-12 teams kicking off between 7 and 8p so if you’re willing to bounce around then there are plenty of options available. Going in I would expect the Holy War to be the most compelling as a “fun” in-state rivalry. But you could also decide to watch Arizona/SDSU, Stanford/USC, UNLV/ASU, or Hawai’i/Oregon State.