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Recruiting Roundup: What’s Next For The 2022 Class?

Taking A Look At What’s Next For The 2022 Class

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Happy Sunday Husky Fans. With fall camp underway there is a lot going on right now, but as always let’s talk some recruiting. Over the last week the Huskies were able to reel in 4 star tight end Ryan Otton and 3 star wide receiver Denzel Boston. With those additions the 2022 Husky class now has 11 commits in the class, which is currently rated as the 44th best class in the country.

It’s been reported that the Husky class would probably have 15-17 commits in the class. With the recent departures of both Will Latu and Miki Ah You at inside linebacker I suspect the number will be at or exceed 17. With that being said here is how I see those 6 spots breaking down as of right now.

The Huskies still need an offensive tackle and at tackle the Huskies are still the favorites for 5 star offensive tackle Josh Conerly from Rainier Beach HS, WA. It sounds like Conerly wants to take some visits and make a decision late. The Huskies will save a spot for Conerly and hope they can reel him in.

On the defensive side the Huskies need a few more players. At inside linebacker the Huskies will need to take at least 1 inside backer, but they may end up taking 2. 4 star inside backer Dishawn Misa from Eastside Catholic is the only uncommitted prospect the Huskies have offered. I would expect several new offers going out as prospects senior season starts.

At outside linebacker the Huskies already have Lance Holtzclaw committed in the 2022 class. With Ryan Bowman set to graduate and a guy like ZTF on NFL teams radars, I suspect they will try and add another outside linebacker in the class. Much like the inside backer position the Huskies don’t have many options on their board left. As September rolls around we should see more offers going out and the outside backer spot is one I would watch for.

Along the defensive line the Huskies are holding a spot for 4 star defensive lineman Hero Kanu from Santa Margarita Catholic HS, CA. Kanu has really blown up on the recruiting front and the Huskies are hoping they can wow Kanu when he visits unofficially in late Sept. the Huskies already have Ben Roberts on the defensive line and I suspect they will try and add 1 more defensive tackle in the 2022 class.

In the secondary the Huskies were able to flip 3 star defensive back TJ Hall from Arizona. With Hall on board the Huskies still need at least 1 more defensive back in the class. Right now the Huskies aren’t the favorite for anyone left on their board, but much like they did with Devon Banks in the last class they will be on the lookout for more guys who might be flying under the radar (while also trying to see if they can flip Notre Dame commit Benjamin Morrison).

Currently the 2022 recruiting cycle is in a dead period, meaning there are no visits allowed. Heading into September the Huskies will see if they can host some of their top prospects left on the board (guys like Kanu and Conerly), while also looking forward towards the 2023 class. Recruiting will probably be quiet until the season does kick off and I would expect to see more offers go out as we head into September and October.

That is all for now and as always follow me @asieverkropp.