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Wednesday Dots: Steele of a Deal

Could Huskies Crack the Top 10?

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Washington Spring Game Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Everybody’s misused him

Ripped him up and abused him

Another junkie plan

Pushin’ Dots for the man

  • We will all read numerous Top 25 rankings between now and the start of football season. One that deserves special attention is Phil Steele’s because he puts more work into his rankings than just about anyone in the world and has a track record to match. Husky fans will be thrilled that Steele picks the Dawgs as his surprise team of the season and ranks them #9 going into the season, tops among the Pac-12. He specifically likes the offensive line and run game to go with a predictably strong defense.

  • ESPN compared the UW and Oregon programs in terms of what would be a more attractive job for a prospective head coach. Interestingly, they gave the edge to the Ducks in “history,” but still got to the correct answer in the end.

  • One of the top prospects on UW’s recruiting board went in-depth with Tom Loy from 247. Benjamin Morrison is down to UW, Notre Dame, and Alabama, and it seems like a tight race between the Dawgs and the Irish. Recent history has seen UW pull the rug out from under the golden domers in DB recruiting, but of course, every recruitment is unique.

  • All the way down I-5, Bruce Feldman previews UCLA’s chances in the Pac-12 South for The Athletic. Chip Kelly enters his fourth year in the program without having established himself the way he did at Oregon. With lots of key players back, this year will be pivotal for Chip and the Bruins.