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Oregon State Rewatch Diary- 2nd Half

After an action-packed 1st half, things slowed down against Oregon State but still plenty to examine

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 14 Oregon State at Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you missed the 1st Half Rewatch Diary then you can check it out along with the plan for this series right here.

DEFENSIVE DRIVE #6- 15:00 3rd Quarter

  • Champ Flemings with another massive hole on the kick return gets it out past midfield. You would love to see Tim Horn put that in the end zone but it was a cold, rainy night. It also looked on the replay like he either tweaked something or else just knew he got bad contact on it right after he finished his follow-through.
  • Keith Taylor ended his UW career with 0 interceptions but on 2nd down Gebbia threw it low right to him and Taylor dove but it short hopped just before he could get it.
  • Oregon State on 3rd and long throws short to Jefferson but Molden tracks him down for a minimal gain and they punt. Bowman was called for running into the kicker after he slip and slide’d about 3 yards after he pulled up to hit the plant leg.

OFFENSIVE DRIVE #8- 13:17 3nd Quarter

  • Backed up to their own 5 yard line Morris has his 2nd pass of the night batted down at the line of scrimmage.
  • UW finally completes a 3rd down pass as Ty Jones beats his man easily and catches the ball to pick up 15 on 3rd and 8.
  • The first carry of the season for Cam Davis and he gains 6 yards on 2nd and 3. He then catches a dump off pass for 6 on the next play.
  • A quick slant to Bynum just past the hands of an OSU defender allows them to convert on 3rd and 5 at midfield.
  • After another 1st down and a 15-yard penalty on OSU the Huskies give it to Jalen McMillan on an end around for his first career touch. Jack Westover’s man disengages from his block to shoestring tackle him from behind or else it would’ve been a touchdown with a pulling Curne/Wattenberg having blocked the 2 corners in front of him.
  • Another possible TD doesn’t happen as Nahshon Wright got his hands on Odunze early in the right corner of the end zone but there’s no call from the refs and it goes down as a pass break-up.
  • On 3rd and 9 Richard Newton is late to his blitz protection assignment and Morris under pressure lets it go early to a covered Ty Jones and it flies over his head. Peyton Henry then misses the 28-yard field goal and so an 85-yard drive ends in 0 points.

DEFENSIVE DRIVE #7- 5:42 3rd Quarter

  • After a few first downs by the Beavers, Trent McDuffie makes an absolutely ridiculous play. OSU runs an end around for Champ Flemings who is originally matched up on the outside with McDuffie. Trent has to fight through some traffic over the middle of the field and outruns a block from both a pulling OL and the QB to make a tackle on the opposite side numbers. A cool little 50+ yard sprint for Trent and if he doesn’t make that play it goes for at least 30 yards instead of 7.
  • The next play is the first time all game the defensive tackles have won at the point of attack. Both Sam Taimani and Josiah Bronson beat their block to bring Baylor down at the line of scrimmage. Otherwise an invisible game for them to this point.
  • On 3rd and 1 Keith Taylor makes a potentially touchdown saving play clipping the shoelaces of Jefferson but it’s still a 14-yard gain to the edge of the red zone.
  • Ulofoshio tried to shoot a gap on a run by Jefferson but picked the wrong side of the left tackle and it’s a first down on 2nd and long.
  • The game definitely turned on Jermar Jefferson being ruled short of the line on 3rd and 1 and then on 4th and inches. The first time it looked like he may have gotten it but wasn’t crazy to think he was just short. Watching it live there seemed no question whatsoever that Jefferson got past the line on 4th down. When the pile moves it’s clear the ball is in Jefferson’s right hand and on the wrong side of the line. But you have to be a real Husky homer to think he never got any further than that final angle. If this is ruled a 1st down Oregon State still has to get 5 yards to get into the end zone and if they do then it changes the way the offense is called later so it’s not an automatic loss if the call is changed... But hard to say the Dawgs didn’t catch a massive break.

OFFENSIVE DRIVE #9- 14:38 4th Quarter

  • Backed up again at their own 5-yard line the Huskies run the ball and Kamari Pleasant picks up 12 to instantly give them breathing room.
  • Another turning point of the game as Dylan Morris rolls to his left and fires it to Terrell Bynum in an incredibly tight window. The OSU defender dives for an interception but misses it and that gives Bynum about 15 yards of green grass in front of him and he turns it into a 42-yard gain. A risky decision on both sides but it pays off for UW.
  • A 16-yard pickup by Cam Davis is negated on a holding call. It’s 50/50 whether the defender could’ve gotten to him without the hold in my book but even if he did I think Davis gains 5 before it happens.
  • Washington looks like they’re going for it on 4th and 7 right outside of field goal range but the play clock hit 0 just before they snapped and they’re forced to punt. Still a bad look for the coaching staff. It probably worked out for the best though as Race Porter’s punt perfectly bounces into the hands of Kyler Gordon who was waiting for it at the 1-yard line.

DEFENSIVE DRIVE #8- 5:42 4th Quarter

  • On 3rd and short Alfonso Tuputala has a hard hit on Trevon Bradford right as the ball gets to him but somehow he holds on for a Beaver first down.
  • Gebbia throws 3 straight balls to contested receivers and none of them are complete. ZTF came very close to having yet another strip sack but Gebbia somehow held onto it. Still, it’s a punt.

OFFENSIVE DRIVE #10- 9:09 4th Quarter

  • Kirkland with a false start on 2nd down but Newton with 10 yards to get it all back and Dylan Morris sneaks it on 3rd and short for a 1st down.
  • A big decision for Jimmy Lake as on 4th and 1 with 5 minutes left up 3 just outside field goal range he decides to go for it. They go QB sneak again and Morris gets it.
  • End around to Bynum? Gain of 15+. Duh.
  • They try the jet sweep to Odunze on 2nd down and Oregon State finally reads it correctly and take him down for a big loss. Odunze had no shot. It looked like Otton had to try to block 2 guys based on the defense’s alignment and he’s good but not that good.
  • After a Bynum false start backs them up even further Dylan Morris takes off on 3rd and long and the Oregon State tackle is clearly helmet to helmet. It’s clear targeting and instead of 4th and 3 to either go for it or try a short field goal it becomes 1st and goal at the 5.
  • Washington tries to go heavy and run the damn ball but they gain just 1 yard in 3 tries and have to settle for the chip shot field goal. Washington 27-21.

DEFENSIVE DRIVE #9- 1:45 4th Quarter

  • A reminder that Alfonzo Tuputala finished the last 2 drives at linebacker in place of Jackson Sirmon in this one. That trend didn’t continue the rest of the season but at the time seemed like it might signal a changing of the guard.
  • Ulofoshio dives on 2nd down and only gets one hand on the ball and so can’t secure an interception. On 3rd down Gebbia tries to throw it over his head and Ulofoshio jumps up to knock it down.
  • I had forgotten that the game sealing interception on 4th down by Asa Turner came after the throw bounced off an OSU lineman’s helmet. A fittingly strange way for this game to end.


Look out the rest of the week for some more detailed breakdowns of this game and I’ll be back next Monday with a rewatch diary for Arizona.